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See our terms and conditions before using our services :

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1- Accept Terms of Use:

The terms on this page represent the terms and conditions of your use of the website or any of its subdomains, or any of the services provided through it directly or indirectly. Your use of any of the website's services and affiliated sites constitutes your implied consent to all terms of use In this document, your unconditional acceptance of all the contents of these terms makes you not authorized to use or browse any of the websites, web pages or services provided by the website. You may also wish to see this link: Privacy policy  In order to identify how we collect data and how to deal with it .

2- Modification of Terms of Use :

Website has the right to modify, delete or add any of the terms of use of the site contained in this document, and is committed to make a declaration on the pages of the website when modifying these terms, the site has the right to define what is meant to modify, and you are committed as a user of the site or one of his services To abide by the amendments from the moment of their publication and announcement.

3- Property rights :

The name of the website and its logo and all materials published on the site (unless otherwise indicated) are owned by the website and are prohibited from being used or published on the Internet without prior written permission under liability and in accordance with international law and copyright and trademark protection laws, This protection includes but is not limited to: images, programs, designs, logos, text, and description of pages.

4- Your behavior on the pages and services website :

As a user of the Website, you fully understand and agree not to perform the following acts under liability:

  • Not to be insulted, insulted or ridiculed by any people, religion or race, nor shall any government, religious or political leader or any of the apostles and scriptures be subjected to any harm. In addition to not harassing any visitor, member or person using the site, As a platform to insult or harass other people on the Internet and beyond .
  • Do not display or upload images, sentences or words that are offensive to modesty, use sex or any means of temptation on any page or content posted on the pages of the site, and prevent the intimidation of any person or user using the pages and contents of the site, .
  • Refrain from adding any content, program, or any unlicensed electronic product, copyright or intellectual property rights on the website, a website that believes in proprietary rights and uses software with legal licenses, we use legal software in our design and management of the pages .
  • You are fully aware that all information published by members, visitors, moderators and moderators of the website is solely the responsibility of the publisher. The content on the website pages and in particular the public forums do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the website. .
  • You are fully aware that neither the Site Administration nor the Administrators have any direct or indirect liability for any defect or damage to your computer or electronic network that you use as a result of uploading or using any of the contents or pages of the Site. Your personal security and the security of your computer is It is your responsibility alone .
  • You are fully aware that the management of the website selects and assigns the website administrators and management teams as it deems appropriate, and the principle of volunteer work without any material fee, and is entitled to change the powers of any person or withdrawn without warning and without specifying the reasons. We thank everyone who contributed and contributed to the management of the site, its software and its contents .
  • You are fully aware that the security of your password is your sole responsibility. We store passwords in the databases in an encrypted manner. We do not provide any user with a password in case they are lost, while you can change your password and password automatically through your registered email. .
  • You agree as a website user to all its contents and pages to bear the risks resulting from this alone and without any liability by the management of the website. The site does not provide any guarantees about the safety of its services from gaps or defects or other defects that may occur and cause damage to you or your property due to the use of the site.
  • You are fully aware that the website and its management have the right to update, close or partially disable any of the services of the site as deemed appropriate and without prior notice to any party. Any member may request to close his account or membership on any website by sending us an e-mail Who registered with him .
  • You understand that your breach of any of the foregoing, or of the proper and customary Internet behavior and ethics, will result in the suspension of your membership and your denial of access to the Site or any of its Services as directed by the Site Administration, without prior notice or notice. .
  • You are obliged to provide correct data when you wish to register for membership in any of the website services, especially the email used in the registration process .
  • Refrain from using the Services and Site pages as a means to flood the mail of others or to send spam messages, or to collect information about the members and visitors of the Site or their behavior on the Site's pages and services .
  • You are solely responsible for providing any personal data about you or your family or any financial information on the website pages and services .
  • You commit not to impersonate any other person, whether a person, an organization, a company or any other legal person on the website or through his services .
  • Completely refrain from attempts to flood or attack the servers of the site or attempt to access any of the services or pages of the site in illegal ways .
  • Not to publish links to other sites for the purpose of advertising or advertising or penetration or any other intent with bad intentions on any of the services and pages of the site .

5- External links on the pages of the site :

There may be some external links on the site's pages and services. These links refer to sites that do not fall under our control. You are solely responsible for visiting these sites and viewing their contents. You are responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused to you or your tools by visiting these sites. .

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